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23 Gifts for Anglers Under $100

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. That may not be the case if you're in an area that rarely sees snow outside,...

How to Tie a Bobbin Knot

An angler is only as strong as the knot holding his catch on the line while he reels it in. That's why you'll want to know how to tie a bobbin knot. Here's how it's done.

How to Land Swordfish

Two deep-sea-fishing captains reveal their best techniques to land swordfish.

How to Tie a Stronger Fishing Knot

Anglers know that the weakest link between an angler and a fish is the knot holding their hook on the line. Here's how to tie a stronger knot.

You’ll Believe a Fish Can Fly

Check out the top 20 jumping fish photos on the web.

100 Best Saltwater Fishing Catches Ever

Check out this list of the 100 best world records ever caught.