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Chicago Cubs Ace Jon Lester Hunts South Dakota

Jon Lester has been a world class pitcher for more than half a decade, his consistent pitching prowess landing him the opening start between...

Extreme-Weather Mule Deer Hunt [VIDEO]

This is the stuff adventures are made of. Rim-rocked canyons, open fields and treacherous terrain that suits the mule deer perfectly. Humans have a bit more trouble with it, however.

Book Your Great Spring Turkey Hunt Now

Here's a great turkey hunt that will having you exploring the lands around Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Deadwood.

Never Miss a Turkey Again with These Shot Shells

Federal Premium's 3rd Degree ammo is designed to expand for close shots and maintain 40-yard lethality on turkeys. We tried it out in the field; see our full report.

What to Look for When Fishing for Shallow-Water Pike

Discover the one important condition you must look for when you're fishing for trophy Northern Pike.

A Low-Key, High-Excitement Turkey Hunt

We reveal one of our favorite turkey hunts, which offers great adventure for anyone who loves turkey hunting amidst majestic South Dakota great scenery.

Field Test: Nissan’s 2015 Frontier Pro-4X, a Hunting-Ready Vehicle That Rides...

The 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X handled all that an Arctic blizzard could dish out on a recent hunting expedition. Read the full trip report/vehicle review.

Bad Weather Makes For Great Pheasant Hunting

When the snow is fallin', the pheasants come a-callin'. That's because wind and snow will concentrate pheasants in heavy cover, where they're more likely to flush within shotgun range. Read more about this great opportunity.

Hunting Mule Deer-Whitetail Hybrids [VIDEO]

Hunting deer in the Dakotas is always an adventure. They even have hybrids, such as the mule deer/whitetail in this compelling video. See if these hunters can take it down.

Black Hills Blizzard Traps Turkey Hunters for Days

Two brothers (aged 83 and 74) were trapped for days in a sudden blizzard while hunting the Black Hills of South Dakota. Read their story of survival.