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Planted food plots are an ideal to attract and hold deer. It's not too soon to get started.

When the snow is fallin', the pheasants come a-callin'. That's because wind and snow will concentrate pheasants in heavy cover, where they're more likely to flush within shotgun range. Read more about this great opportunity.

Whether you hunt in the East or West, a sudden storm should change your game plan. Here's what you need to consider.

Cooking with the right gear is a pleasure. But in remote areas, creating a hot meal can be a real challenge. This new product is perfect for cold outback hunts.

"I hate hunters," said the heavy equipment operator with a scowl of disgust. "Who goes hunting in a blizzard? You guys must be crazy." Well......

Bad weather and muzzleloading aren't a good mix, as rain or snow can easily contaminate your powder if it finds its way down the...

If you are staying home when the weather goes south, you are missing some of the best opportunities for filling a tag. Here's why.

Read about a special family bonding experience during an Arctic turkey hunt.