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Check Out This AR-Style Double Barrel Shotgun [VIDEO]

Can this AR-style gun really be a shotgun?

The Best Turkey Shotgun

When it comes to the perfect gun, what's the number-one thing that matters most to you? Do you have the best shotgun for hunting turkeys?

Whitetail Buck No Match for 12-Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]

A mature 8-point buck falls after taking the full impact of a shotgun slug to the lungs.

Loading Your Shotgun via the Buddy System [VIDEO]

This technique to load your shotgun might not be the quickest, or even the safest way to get the job done. But it sure is fun to watch.

The Blazer F-16 Shotgun is a Thing of Beauty [VIDEO]

Watch the new Blazer F-16 in all it's powerhouse action.

Test Fire of a 4-Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]

Watch as a brave soul fires a 4-gauge shotgun from his shoulder. We said brave, not smart.

Shooting Jelly Beans Out of a Shotgun Shell [VIDEO]

You never know until you try, but shooting jelly beans with a shotgun seems pretty awesome. Check out the video.

This Guy Built a 12-Gauge Repeater; Things Didn’t Quite Work Out...

Here's a perfect example of why some people will always need adult supervision.

How to Shoot a Shotgun at Point-Blank Range [VIDEO]

Knowing how your shotgun patterns is equally important for home defense and in the turkey woods. This video will show you how to handle your weapon in close quarters.

Shotgun Trigger Tip: Don’t Squeeze [VIDEO]

Trigger control is very different when shooting a shotgun and rifle. Watch as shooting instructor Gil Ash demonstrates the difference.