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Here are a few amazing kill shots from seasons past.

Practicing archery from any angle is great fun. Here's one you probably haven't tried.

This new product makes cleaning a pistol, rifle, or shotgun quick and easy. Read on for a preview.

Let's face it, target practice on paper circles can become boring. These colorful new targets from Birchwood Casey will spice up your shooting fun.

Alabama now allows the use of suppressors for hunting, which offers sportsmen reduced recoil and much less risk of ear damage. Will other states follow suit?

Suppressors (silencers) are rarely used in hunting in the United States, but that may change. Are suppressors coming to your state? Should they? Watch the video and then weigh in with your opinion.

On second thought, putting shooting targets on trees wasn't too bright.

This light and versatile .22 semi-automatic breaks down into two parts for easy carry and storage and has an adjustable length-of-pull. Read our full review.

The introduction of the TrackingPoint aiming system, in which a computer fires the rifle, was one of our most widely read posts of 2013....

Call them black guns, ARs, or the modern sporting rifles, but this new-style rifle is working its way into the mainstream of shooting and...