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Hone Your Shooting Skills with the “Other” .22.

Pellet guns are an excellent way to build shooting proficiency.

Check Out This AR-Style Double Barrel Shotgun [VIDEO]

Can this AR-style gun really be a shotgun?

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Would you have the nerve to shoot this powerful handgun? Have you ever done it?

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See some truly amazing stunts as the Dude Perfect team performs shooting tricks you've never seen before.

Why the World Needs a Plinker Crossbow

Manufacturers and entrepreneurs, this is your chance. Get in on the ground floor.

Tips to Perfect Your Shooting [VIDEO]

Here are a few tips to make sure your practice is on target.

Ginny Thrasher for the Win in Women’s 10m Air Rifle

A West Virginia University Freshman wins Olympic gold.

New Copper Bullet Offers Hunters More Control

A new copper bullet offers hunters a shooting option that satisfies non-lead ordinances.

Now’s the Time for Rifle Practice

As hunting season approaches, make sure you’re prepared for the one thing that really counts. Here are a few tips on practicing with your rifle.

Check Out This Folding Survival Bow [VIDEO]

Here's a unique survival bow that's as fun to shoot as it is practical.