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You'll always shoot more accurately by using a rest. We put one new model to the test in a Great Plains hunt.

We doubt you'll want to use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader after you see how this firearm was destroyed.

Have you ever thought about squirrel hunting from the prone position? You might get more squirrels if you did, as this video shows.

Pumpkins make fun shooting targets and are inexpensive after Halloween. So exactly how many pumpkins does it take to stop a Desert Eagle .50 Cal? Watch this video to find out.

Will silencers become the norm in hunting and shooting? A new movement is pushing to make it so.

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!

Bowhunting deer? Check out this video of the perfect kill shot. It's quick, ethical, and right on target.

Sometimes an animal can get a little too close for comfort. How do you think you'd react if a bull moose this big was only feet away from you?

Watch a .50 Cal Desert Eagle shoot 10 bottles of warm soda.

The California home owner was disturbed by the sound of a drone hovering over his home. So he did what any rational person would do... grabbed his shotgun and blasted that thing right out of the sky! Check out the awesome video.