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A Great New Scope for You to Focus On [VIDEO]

Zeiss has raised the bar with their new V-8 Scope. It has just about everything you can want: crystal clear glass, 92% light transmission, auto on/off red dots, and customizable turrets.

Can Anything Penetrate Titanium? [VIDEO]

Is there a bullet powerful enough to penetrate titanium? This video puts that question to the test.

Hunters Sue Crossbow Maker for Serious Thumb Injuries [VIDEO]

A growing number of hunters and target shooters are criticizing a leading crossbow manufacturer – claiming they've suffered serious hand injuries while using the weapons.

Shooter Makes Impossible 616-Yard Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this hunter makes an unbelievable 616 yard shot on a mule deer.

Could You Break 3,653 Clays in One Hour?

David Miller breaks a world record, shooting more than 3,600 clays in 60 minutes.

Man Damn Near Shoots His Head Off [VIDEO]

Gun safety should be first on everyone's mind. Guess nobody told this guy.

This Awesome Airgun Shoots Arrows [VIDEO]

How about an airgun that shoots arrows? Check out this amazing bit of modern technology for yourself. Where do we sign up?

.500 Smith & Wesson Showed Who Was Boss [VIDEO]

This shooter thinks he's going to shoot this .500 Smith & Wesson Mag left-handed. Watch as the gun darn near takes him down.

Top 10 Shooting Tips from Army Marksmen [VIDEO]

Need some shooting tips? Here are ten key takeaways from Army marksmen that are right on target.

Trigger Sticks: You’ll Shoot Best from a Rest [VIDEO]

You'll always shoot more accurately by using a rest. We put one new model to the test in a Great Plains hunt.