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Browning Combines Ear and Eye Protection

With Browning's new Sound Shield, if you have your shooting glasses with you, you also have your hearing protection.

The Blazer F-16 Shotgun is a Thing of Beauty [VIDEO]

Watch the new Blazer F-16 in all it's powerhouse action.

What Your Favorite Rifle Cartridge Says About You

Our favorite rifle cartridge can tell an awful lot about us as shooters. What does your fave reveal about you?

Mind Blowing Marksman Shots [VIDEO]

Think you've seen some impressive shots? Then you have to watch this video -- these guys blow conventional marksmanship to smithereens.

Impressive Coyote Shot at 1,860 Yards [VIDEO]

Would you shoot at a coyote that was a mile out? Better yet, would you be able to hit it?

A Great New Scope for You to Focus On [VIDEO]

Zeiss has raised the bar with their new V-8 Scope. It has just about everything you can want: crystal clear glass, 92% light transmission, auto on/off red dots, and customizable turrets.

Can Anything Penetrate Titanium? [VIDEO]

Is there a bullet powerful enough to penetrate titanium? This video puts that question to the test.

Hunters Sue Crossbow Maker for Serious Thumb Injuries [VIDEO]

A growing number of hunters and target shooters are criticizing a leading crossbow manufacturer – claiming they've suffered serious hand injuries while using the weapons.

Shooter Makes Impossible 616-Yard Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this hunter makes an unbelievable 616 yard shot on a mule deer.

Could You Break 3,653 Clays in One Hour?

David Miller breaks a world record, shooting more than 3,600 clays in 60 minutes.