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Giant Mule Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]

Watch as a monster mule deer sheds its antler right before your eyes.

Shed Hunting with the Pros [VIDEO]

Join these hunters on the first big shed hunt of the shed season.

See an Antler Trap in Action [VIDEO]

Does an antler trap work? See for yourself.

How to Build a Shed Antler Trap [VIDEO]

Learn how to build a trap that will cause a buck to shed his antlers.

What Should You Do With All Those Antler Sheds? [VIDEO]

Here are some great ideas for what to do with all the deer sheds you find this spring.

What Causes a Buck to Lose Its Antlers?

Do you know why whitetails lose their antlers? Understanding the reason will make you a more successful shed hunter.

This Guy Has Collected 15,000+ Antlers

Sure, it's fun to search for shed antlers, but is there a thing as overdoing it? Meet James Phillips, owner of more than 15,000 antlers.

Late Winter/Early Spring Shed Hunting

There's not a lot better to beat cabin fever than spring shed hunting! Here's our guide to finding shed antlers and getting a jump on next season's scouting.

Elk Sheds Antlers on Camera [VIDEO]

This unique video captures an elk shedding its antlers, a natural act rarely captured on video. Don't miss this one.

Collectors Flock to Shed Antlerfest 2014

Shed antler hunting is an exciting hobby that will keep you in shape and put a few bucks in your pocket. An upcoming expo will draw to antler collectors from across the U.S.