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Make Money Finding Shed Antlers [VIDEO]

Shed hunters find a few souvenirs in a new area; come along on a video excursion.

Shed Hunting with the Pros [VIDEO]

Join these hunters on the first big shed hunt of the shed season.

7 Reasons You’re Not Finding Shed Antlers

Here are some great tips to help you find deer sheds this spring.

What Should You Do With All Those Antler Sheds? [VIDEO]

Here are some great ideas for what to do with all the deer sheds you find this spring.

What Causes a Buck to Lose Its Antlers?

Do you know why whitetails lose their antlers? Understanding the reason will make you a more successful shed hunter.

Shed Hunting: A Dog’s Life

Do you want to find more shed antlers? Best to put a dog to work for you; here's how to get started.

Find More Sheds This Spring

If you want to find more shed antlers, we've got the information you need to score some nice racks.

How to Train a Labrador to Find Deer Sheds [VIDEO]

Shed antler hunting is a great spring sport, and your dog can help. Here's how to get Fido ready.

The Basics and Benefits of Shed Hunting

Some people collect antiques, others garden. This is the story of a man who hunts for shed antlers.

Shed Antlers Tell a Secret

Found shed antlers? That calcium deposit may be a clue to unknown or overlooked deer behavior and reveal a special opportunity next fall.