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Use Ozone to Mask Your Scent from Deer

One of the newest approaches to the scent elimination science is the introduction of ozone in a hunting stand or blind. Here's a look at how they work.

How to Make Your Own Scent Cover-Up [VIDEO]

With deer season just around the corner, why buy those expensive scent cover-ups when you can make your own for just pennies? Covering human scent in the woods is a must to score that big buck you've been watching.

Understanding Wind Key to Whitetail-Hunting Success

Experienced hunters know the value of wind direction, including thermals and subtle breezes. Here's why that knowledge is so vital to your whitetail-hunting success.

Avoiding Trail Camera Blunders

Are you trail cameras giving you valuable information or scaring deer away? Have you captured images of big bucks that were never to be...

Don’t Let Scent Ruin Your Deer Hunt

"What's that smell?" It's probably a thought that runs through your head multiple times in a day, whether you're trying to identify a certain...

Don’t Stink Up Your Stand

Total human scent elimination may be impossible, yet reducing it dramatically can save a hunt. Here are 7 ways to minimize human scent contamination.