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Clean Trek: Great News For Stinky Campers

Here's a line of great products made for campers and hikers.

Discover the Best Odor Control for Your Next Hunt [VIDEO]

Odor control should be on every hunter's mind. Learn how to prevent being busted by a whitetail's nose.

Gear Test: ScentBlocker Alpha [VIDEO]

Take a look at ScentBlocker's Trinity Alpha gear, which we just field-tested on an African safari.

Scent Elimination: You Need to Sweat the Details

Regardless of season, a tiny whiff of human scent will repel a buck and possibly avoid your stand area for good. When it comes to scent elimination, details matter.

Ozonics: How Does it Work?

This radically new approach to human scent elimination has many applications. Find out how you can put it to use on your next hunt.

Cool New Products from the 2014 SHOT Show

If its new in the hunting and shooting world, it's in Las Vegas at the 2014 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show. Joe Byers...

Teton Tested: ScentBlocker Jacket with Trinity Scent Control

Elk hunting can be one of the most strenuous adventures a hunter can take. Particularly during the rut, archers may cover five to ten miles...

Don’t Stink Up Your Stand

Total human scent elimination may be impossible, yet reducing it dramatically can save a hunt. Here are 7 ways to minimize human scent contamination.