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These seven cheap ways to control your scent use common household ingredients or alternative purchases to handle your smell on a budget.

A surefire way to beat cabin fever is to get out and start on spring habitat improvement projects. Just ask James Brion, the "Land Management Madman," who consistently grows and harbors monster bucks for his clients year after year. Read his unique story.

By Jason Herbert The African sun beating down on us, swirling winds, and a half day of hunting under our belts, and most wouldn't be...

How close will a deer approach when human scent is controlled? This video will surprise you.

Take your scent stealth to the next level with these ten scent-blocker products.

Just like anywhere else, scent control in Africa is tough. Here are some innovative ways to try to beat the odds on the Dark Continent.

One of the quickest ways to ruin a hunt before it even starts is for your prey to smell you. It can happen before...