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Time for spring fishing already? It is if you live Down Under, mate! Find out how Aussies fish for salmon in this unique report.

A new device could be used to help salmon get upstream past dams; check out this video featuring test footage.

Using this rig setup will greatly increase your chances of landing fall salmon.

If you're a major league baseball player who happens to be in town playing the hometown Seattle Mariners, and you like to fish… Well, it isn't a big leap to guess what you'd do with your downtime. Read the full report.

After a collapse in the 90s, the Lake Huron fishery is bouncing back, but it has changed. Find out whether it's for better or for worse.

What would you do if you snagged a bald eagle on your line? Find out how one quick-thinking angler handled the unusual situation.

This year, Washington fisheries managers are predicting a return that could rival anything in the last 50 or more years. Find out why this might be the year for you to go salmon fishing in Washington.

A visual guide to true fish.

Migratory and landlocked Atlantic salmon juveniles and adults can be difficult to distinguish from brown trout. With different size and bag limit restrictions for these two species, it's important to know how to identify them properly. This guide will help.

Know what you've landed! Check out this visual guide to 25 common species of fish.