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Recently, an Alaskan angler came across a most unusual sight: a giant woolly mammoth tusk. But that's not the amazing part...

If you're a major league baseball player who happens to be in town playing the hometown Seattle Mariners, and you like to fish… Well, it isn't a big leap to guess what you'd do with your downtime. Read the full report.

Salmon returns in the Pacific Northwest this year have been phenomenal, resulting in an extended fishing season. If you want to catch trophy salmon, you'll want to check out this article.

This year, Washington fisheries managers are predicting a return that could rival anything in the last 50 or more years. Find out why this might be the year for you to go salmon fishing in Washington.

Read the full report as the first spring chinook arrives on Washington's Cowlitz River.

The Columbia River is a large river that forms the western boundary between Southern Washington State and Northern Oregon. Thousands of migrating salmon enter...

Earlier this year, I took my kids up to Seattle to visit their grandparents. While we were there, we took time to fish Whidbey...

In the rush to develop land for commercial and residential use, and to tame rivers to generate electricity, a lot of traditional habitat for...

How many times have you fished for and caught salmon with the exact setup and technique you planned to use? Chances are, you've likely...