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Temperature control in the kitchen is important for taste and safe food preparation. Now there's an app for that.

A snowmobiling couple encounters a moose in Maine at point blank range. Let's just say the moose is in no mood for a meet-and-greet.

This video, which reveals the 10 basic items of a kit and how to make one of your own, could save your life.

Hunters that have spent hundreds of hours attempting to coax a spring gobbler into shotgun range may not believe that tom will ever attack....

Tree stands can be the most dangerous places around. Each year, hundreds of hunters are seriously injured because they were not properly secured in...

The wiliest, craftiest old turkey gobblers are a real challenge. They often won't approach a caller, become silent on the limb, and beat up...

Get the facts about eating wild-caught fish.

A tree stand is the most dangerous place a hunter will climb; I'll bet you know of people who have been injured from tree-stand...

Hunting can be extremely exciting, emotional, and physically taxing, so much so that some of the basic rules of firearm safety can be forgotten...

A cell phone may be one of the last things you'd want to take to your deer stand, but as annoying as the tiny machines...