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African Lion Attacks and Mauls Hunter [VIDEO]

Hunters, take heed: Sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Watch as a lion attacks and mauls a hunter. Warning: This footage is brutal.

A Few Feet Away from a Thirsty Leopard [VIDEO]

What do you do when a thirsty leopard stops just feet away from you to take a drink? The slightest whisper could have sent it running or even charging. See this amazing real-life footage.

Crossbow Hunting: The Light vs. Heavy Arrow Debate [VIDEO]

Will light arrows from a crossbow handle large game? We put them to the test in a recent African safari. Check out our exclusive video.

Man Charged in Cecil the Lion’s Death

A Zimbabwe court charges a game-park owner over the illegal hunt that ended in the killing of Cecil the Lion. Get the full story here.

One Second Away from Death, Safari Hunter Downs Attacking Lion [VIDEO]

Few humans survive being charged by a lion. See a video of one safari hunter whose split-second action saved his life.

Minnesota Dentist Kills Beloved African Lion, Sparks International Outrage [VIDEO]

An American hunter has killed Cecil the lion, one of Africa's most beloved icons and a long-time boom for tourism for the nation of Zimbabwe. The international furor that has ensued include death threats to the hunter, Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Was this a simple mistake or a calculated kill? Read our article and weigh in with your thoughts.

Scent Control on Safari

Just like anywhere else, scent control in Africa is tough. Here are some innovative ways to try to beat the odds on the Dark Continent.

A Primal Family Tradition

An amazing African safari brings a family closer together. Because, bowhunting!

Gear Test: 10 Days in the African Bush [VIDEO]

The African bush is like a test track for North American hunting gear and provides a chance to test new gear well before North American seasons begins. Here's our review, direct from the plains of Namibia.

Zebra: Africa’s Most Misunderstood Game Animal

Zebras are easily the most misunderstood game animals in Africa. Yes, they look like a horse, but just try sneaking up on one in the African bush. Come along on our writer's 20-year quest to fell a zebra.