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The African bush is like a test track for North American hunting gear and provides a chance to test new gear well before North American seasons begins. Here's our review, direct from the plains of Namibia.

Zebras are easily the most misunderstood game animals in Africa. Yes, they look like a horse, but just try sneaking up on one in the African bush. Come along on our writer's 20-year quest to fell a zebra.

African safaris are unlike any hunt on earth. With great food, service, and interesting culture, it's like a cruise for hunters. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime.

Most African safaris offer a variety of game, often a package number of animals. The "beest" animals are often modestly priced and widely available, making the collection of all three quite a quest.

Increasing draw weight is not the only way to increase penetration. Using the proper gear will realize full penetration with medium to light set-ups. Here's how to do it.

If you can no longer handle shooting a heavy draw weight, the Draw-Loc In-Line device may be the answer. It attaches easily and allows you to shoot comfortably and accurately. Read our full review.

While driving through the lion section of a safari park, a family's car catches on fire and the smoke attracts the attention of the lions. As the giant cats approach, what can the family do? Watch the amazing video.

An African hunting safari turns very dangerous very quickly. Watch this brutal video.

Every hunter dreams of that great adventure to Alaska, Africa, New Zealand, or another exotic place, where animal populations thrive in pristine environs and...

Scott Shultz is one of the world's top bowhunters. His skill with a bow was so great that he practically owned the 3-D tournament...