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Registration Now Open for 2017 Safari Club International Convention

Have you signed up yet for the greatest hunting show on earth? If not, you'll want to get the full skinny on next year's SCI expo.

Free Banquet Tickets for Vets

Vets and active military receive free tickets.

Stand Up to Support Our Vets

Recognizing the contributions of veterans can be as easy as asking them to come forward at a meeting.

Hunters Help the Needy in Africa, One Bag At a Time

Visiting a foreign country? Why not take a Blue Bag of help? Learn how hunters and expedition participants can make a world of difference to those less fortunate.

Learn More About Safari Club International

A Safari Club International Convention is a must-see for all outdoorsmen. Here's a preview at what the organization and the con has to offer.

Deer Hunting for a Cause

If you're fortunate to bag an extra deer this year, why not donate it to the hungry? Read about one organization that allows hunters to make a difference.

Glenn Beck to Speak at 2015 SCI Convention

Glenn Beck, one of the nation's most controversial broadcasters, will speak at the 2015 Safari Club International Convention.

SCI Stands Up for Hunters

Hunters from around world flocked to Las Vegas for the annual SCI hunting convention, where they raised more than eight million dollars through donated hunts, artwork,...

Top 12 Taxidermy Displays at SCI

The Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas is the best celebration of hunting in the world. Sure, it's a great place to meet...

SCI Invites Hunters and Conservationists to Las Vegas

Safari Club International, one of the leading hunting and conservation organizations in the world, will hold it's annual convention in Las Vegas February 5–8...