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Ruger pledges a donation for every gun sold in the coming year.

New Jersey native Jim Spinella is not a stranger to long distance shooting, but this shot would be a new personal record. One that few would ever consider attempting... More than two miles away! See it happen.

The .700 WTF rifle is a beautiful example of power and engineering. This newly-built rifle is shot for the first time, from the shoulder, with monstrous cartridges. See it in action.

A single shot using a .22 rifle with a tracer cartridge took this wild boar down quick.

Here’s a clever gun hunting technique mountain men like Daniel Boone used to shoot squirrels.

The guys from Knight Rifles head to the range to shoot the world’s largest rifle cartridge, the .950 JDJ. Watch the video and see if these guys can handle it.

The Mosin-Nagant rifle has served the Russian military and many other countries for over a century now. The surplus rifle market here in the United States has been flooded with these rifles, most being sold at incredibly low prices. See it action.

The 10 guns every hunter wants in their dream collection.

When choosing what weapon to use for deer hunting, it ultimately comes down to two choices for the modern hunter: the bow or the rifle.

Youngsters with smaller frames can't effectively use firearms designed for adults. Savage Arms introduces an exciting new youth rifle that's a perfect fit. Check out the details.