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SPOT GEN3- Communicate where Cell Phones Can’t

Here's a great peace-of-mind device that can save your life.

Man Rescues Black Bear from Drowning [VIDEO]

When a huge black bear wandered into a residential area in Alligator Point, Florida, wildlife officers knew they had to trap and remove him from the neighborhood. But when they tried to sedate the bear, things started to go horribly wrong.

Firemen Rescue Deer from Huge Water Tank

Deer have an uncanny way of getting into places they don't belong. One New Jersey whitetail deer was doomed to drown until a few friendly firefighters came along. Read the heartwarming story.

Deer Rescued by Hovercraft [VIDEO]

Watch a father-son rescue mission unlike anything you've ever seen.

Men Rescue Deer Trapped on Slippery Ice [VIDEO]

Two whitetail deer lose their traction on a frozen lake and seem destined to die until two good Samaritans come to the rescue. Watch this stirring video to see it all unfold.

Ax-Wielding Hunter Rescues Struggling Buck

Being a hunter means that you go out in the woods to areas many other never go, and get to see things other people...