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Cooking for a group is a snap with the CanCooker. A new cookbook offers 100+ great recipes for your next outing.

Whether you’re heading out for a hike, hunt, or fishing trip, always be prepared with these delicious, nutritious, homemade snacks.

These five recipes for squirrel are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

These recipes aren’t your average venison meals but you need to be adventurous! Try these crazy weird venison recipes.

Burgers are the most American thing that America has outside of the flag. Ask anyone around the world what we’re known for, and you’ll get "hamburger" as the answer. An even better burger exists here in America though, and it’s not made of beef… it’s made of venison.

We just can't get enough jerky recipes around here... Our friends over at Wide Open Spaces have put together a great top 5 recipes.

We are always on the search for new and exciting venison recipes... Of course, the tenderloin is one of our favorite cuts so we figure it should be treated with care and special recipes are a great way to do that. Celby Richoux over at Wide Open Spaces put together these 6 Fantastic Tenerloin Recipes... check them out!

Everybody loves bacon, right? It seems most meals can be heartily improved by adding bacon strips or bits, and that wild game you just...

Here is an amazingly simple, super-fast recipe for venison steaks with wild mushrooms and balsamic vinegar.