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Cat Stalks Turkey [VIDEO]

Watch as a cat and turkey play "cat and mouse." Could this cat have actually taken down this gobbler?

How to Fan a Gobbler [VIDEO]

Using a turkey fan might be just the ticket to tricking a big old gobbler. Read about the best way to kill a stubborn field bird.

Why Your Turkey Decoy Spread Looks Fake [VIDEO]

A fake-looking decoy spread may actually repel your prey. Here's the solution to that problem.

10 Reasons You Suck at Calling Turkeys

Every spring, the results are the same. You call, but the turkeys don't come. Here's why.

Turkey Hunting, Teenage-Style [VIDEO]

An enterprising teenagers leads others on a youth turkey hunt.

How to Kill Turkeys in Any Weather

Bad weather can be great for hunting. Here are proven methods for successful turkey hunting in any weather.

Neighbors Try to Put an End to Hunting

What would you do if your neighbors said you couldn't hunt on your own land?

How to Get Better Arrow Penetration

Arrow penetration can be obtained without a heavy draw weight. Learn what you can do to achieve this.

Formerly a Devout Anti-Hunter, She’s Now an Avid Bowhunter [VIDEO]

Read the story of an anti-hunter who developed a new outlook on hunting. Erika Faulkner is now an avid bowhunter. Here's her tale.

Try Realtree’s 5-Step Process for Scoring Your Rack [VIDEO]

Here's a great new tool for scoring whitetail deer. Realtree's simple five-step process is explained in a handy series of videos.