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Sig Sauer’s Hot New Optics

Sig Sauer makes optics? Yes they do, and the results are exciting and innovative.

New Product Spotlight: Bushnell Truth Laser Rangefinder with Clearshot

Bushnell's new Truth Rangefinder with Clearshot technology helps you determine whether you have a clear shot, based on your bow's arrow speed.

Today’s High-Tech Rangefinders Do More Than Ever

Laser rangefinders were a major innovation in the hunting world, especially for archers who no longer had to guess the distance to a particular...

The Best Rangefinder in the Industry Cited for Innovation

Leica Sport Optics received a sought-after Editor's Choice Award for its new Geovid HD-B laser rangefinder binoculars in Outdoor Life's 2013 Gear Test, presented...

How to Judge Distance Without a Rangefinder

Knowing the distance of the shot you need to make can mean the difference in bagging a monster tom and going home empty-handed. Learn how to judge distance without a rangefinder.