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Wet Whitetail Season Largely Frustrates Hunters

Weather-related challenges led to a frustrating 2015-16 season for whitetail hunters.

Texas Hog Hunting: 2 Hogs in 2 Minutes [VIDEO]

Check out this hog hunting action in the rain.

Protect Your Gun from the Rain

Getting caught in a sudden storm doesn't have to mean a shower for your favorite rifle or shotgun. Rain-Buddy is like an umbrella in your pocket.

Muzzle Protection Made Easy

Bad weather and muzzleloading aren't a good mix, as rain or snow can easily contaminate your powder if it finds its way down the...

How To: Rainy Day Turkeys …. Hunt Turkeys Like a Postman

If you are staying home when the weather goes south, you are missing some of the best opportunities for filling a tag. Here's why.

Rainy Day Gobblers

Spring days with moderate rain are excellent for turkey hunting because most hunters stay home eliminating problems with others interfering with your efforts. Ernie Calandrelli has...