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Poaching is a crime; here's how you break the patterns that trespassers use against you.

A wide variety of animals benefit from any food plot, even predators. Best of all, they help keep the hunting excitement going year-round, instead of for a few weeks in the fall.

If you hunt a stand one day, how less likely are deer to return the next day? A new study answers that question; find out what it reveals.

An inexpensive membership in The Rack Pack can keep youngsters involved in wildlife throughout the year.

What triggers the rut? This roundup of scientific explanations can make you a more informed and effective hunter.

Hunters can pay thousands of dollars per person to hunt specific leases. Here's how to gain permission to hunt quality land for free.

Good news: Deer deaths from disease have fallen in 2014. Learn what's behind the recovery.

Does taking does reduce the overall deer population? Actually, it depends. Read on to find out more.

The Quality Deer Management Association invites all hunters to submit pictures of their first deer.

A hunter's first deer is always a very special event. But when it's a one-of-a-kind find like this one, that's even better. Read about one young huntress' amazing catch.