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U.S. Hunters Taking More Mature Bucks

Hunters are choosing to pass up younger bucks for the prospects of more mature deer.

Does Logging or Habitat Work Push Deer Away?

Will timber work chase the deer from your area? A rancher in Texas wondered how his deer would react to intrusive sounds and conducted a scientific study, with interesting results.

35 Things You Never Knew About Whitetails

So you think you know everything there is to know about whitetails? Test yourself and see if you know these 35 interesting facts about your favorite deer.

Top 10 Shooting Tips from Army Marksmen [VIDEO]

Need some shooting tips? Here are ten key takeaways from Army marksmen that are right on target.

How to Make Kids’ First Hunt Perfect

Taking a youngster hunting is a thrill you'll never forget. Here are ways to make their introduction to the sport perfect.

Does Blaze Orange Give us Away When Hunting Deer?

Does wearing blaze orange for safety reasons cause us to stick out like a sore thumb? Can deer see us more easily when we wear protective gear? Find out here.

Hunting Deer on Public Land? These 5 Tips Will Improve Your...

Hunting public land can be tough. Here are five steps you can take that will tip the odds in your favor when it comes to hunting a new area.

Selecting Stand Sites by Season and Rut Phase

Hunters are hitting the woods full of enthusiasm and high hopes for the season. Given the first sit or two at a stand site is often the most productive, it is important to choose and hunt stand sites wisely. Here's how to make a smart choice.

Is Your Venison At Risk During Warm-Weather Hunts?

Find out whether the outdoor temperature affects venison recovery.

5 Ways Deer Hunters Make the Most of Their Trail Cams...

A 14-day trail-camera survey can reveal tons of great information about a local deer herd. Here are five tips for producing better results.