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Hunting public land can be tough. Here are five steps you can take that will tip the odds in your favor when it comes to hunting a new area.

Arizona public lands contain many animals of trophy size. If you're looking for great elk or pronghorn antelope hunting, it's the place for you.

Ever backed off of a hunt because you didn't know whose land you were crossing? A new technology displays property ownership on topographical and aerial maps. Read more.

Kentucky offers one of the East's best hunting adventures for an application fee of just $10. Find out how to get in on the fun.

Americans often take their fantastic public resources for granted, given the fact that we can access millions of acres of public lands that include national...

When you think of perfect hunting conditions, private land likely figures into the equation at some point. Who doesn't dream of trophy-sized deer and...

Pennsylvania hunters are blessed with huge tracts of public land where wild turkeys abound, yet outsmarting a wily tom may also involve playing chess...

Before you head out to hunt public land, check out the following tips for planning your next public-land hunt and staying safe.

Chasing the Merriam’s wild turkey has all the majesty of a Rocky Mountain elk hunt, and other turkeys and wapiti are often found in...

Spring scouting is one of Stan Potts' most effective strategies, one he has often used to take giant bucks on public land. The forest...