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The 5 Best Sidearms for Any Purpose

Learn the best sidearm to carry for any situation.

How to Avoid Diseases in the Field

Protecting yourself from disease and insects when field dressing game requires just a few simple steps. Take a few minutes to read through this post; it could save you from real trouble down the road.

A Compact Knife with Plenty of Cutting Power

Kahr Arms introduces a knife with plenty of cutting power and leverage in a 2.5-inch blade that won't get you in trouble with the law.

What Happened to the Guns of Oklahoma City?

The recent tornado devastation in Moore, OK, was a terrible tragedy and Americans across the nation should send their prayers and financial help if...

When to Use Bear Spray

Both the American black bear and grizzly bear are expanding their ranges across the United States. Seeing black bears in suburban neighbors, once unprecedented,...