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How to Call Deer [VIDEO]

Discover how to call deer throughout the season.

Primos’ New Camera is Simple Enough for Any Technophobe

This trail camera is compact and easy to use. Did we say easy? We meant idiot-proof. 'Cause sometimes simple is better.

When It Comes to Trail Cameras, Sometimes Simpler Is Better

New Primos Proof trail cameras are ultra simple to operate. And sometimes simpler is better.

Can Primos’ Chicken on a Stick Decoy Pass Our Field Test?

Gobbler decoys can be very effective, but must be used cautiously. We field test a versatile new decoy that offers exciting options.

This Turkey Decoy Makes Them Run Right to You [VIDEO]

Gobbler decoys can be deadly on spring gobblers. Here's a device that will have the turkeys actually running right to you.

4 Steps to Picking the Right Turkey Blind

Hunting blinds are very effective for spring gobblers, but which one is best? Get this full rundown of your options, straight from the NWTF.

Primos Tells the Truth About Hunting

Few things are more fun than sharing something that is special to you. Many hunters started hunting at a young age because they were introduced to the outdoors by a member of their family, and keep the tradition alive with their own children.

Ground Blind Repair

Ground blinds are becoming increasingly popular with turkey hunters because the set up quickly and allow a hunter to move and be more comfortable...