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Florida Town Uses Drones to Track Residential Coyote

This town is using a drone to find coyotes. But you won't believe the asinine reason behind this considerable effort.

Killer Catfish Hunt Pigeons on Land [VIDEO]

A population of catfish have been honing quite a remarkable hunting technique. These catfish have developed a way to catch and eat pigeons by partially coming out of the water. Watch these catfish eat pigeons.

Coyotes Kill a Whitetail Buck [VIDEO]

Even a mature whitetail deer buck can fall victim to coyotes, as this grisly video demonstrates.

Coyote Enters House and Snatches Pet Chihuahua

A coyote sneaked into a California home, snatched a small dog, and raced away. Read the full story.

Scientists Agree: Great Lakes Wolves No Longer Endangered

Wolves kill a million and a half animals each year in the Great Lakes area, and are no longer endangered. So why are they still being protected?

Recurve Coyote Harvest from a Treestand [VIDEO]

Never pass up a shot at a coyote, even with primitive gear. Watch this hunter take out the wily predator from a treestand.

Are Coyotes to Blame for Dwindling Deer Population? [VIDEO]

Are you seeing as many deer as you usually do during deer season? If not, you may have a coyote problem. Read why many hunters are looking to eradicate these predators.

Coyote Attacks Deer, Gets a Nasty Surprise [VIDEO]

Watch as some deer-stalking coyotes get a nasty surprise.

Tiger Cub Downs Wild Boar in Brutal Blitz Attack [VIDEO]

The big cats are ferocious predators. Witness the power of a tiger cub as it attacks an unsuspecting boar in this compelling video.

Top 10 Coyote Attacks [VIDEO]

Warning: Coyotes often attack dogs and other pets. This is a threat you need to take seriously, as this video proves.