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Predator Management for Better Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Predators such as coyotes can wreak havoc on white-tailed deer populations, but hunters can help curtail them with effective management. Here's what you can do.

Teen Gets Revenge on Fawn-Killing Coyote

They say revenge can be sweet. And when it’s revenge on a predator in the wild, it seems to be all the sweeter.

Protect the Fawns, and You Protect Deer Hunting

Fawn survival is the future of deer hunting.

When Prey Fights Back [VIDEO]

Watch as these predators meet their match.

When Wild Animals Attack [VIDEO]

Forget what you see in animation, where animals of all types get along. The real world isn't so tranquil. Watch the real nature show in this unexpurgated video.

Black Bear Takes Down Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear takes down a moose calf.

When Eagles Attack [VIDEO]

Watch as eagles attack everything from tiny critters to bears and humans!

Entire Coyote Pack Taken Out with Suppressed Rifles [VIDEO]

Watch as two hunters take out a pack of coyotes with the help of suppressed rifles.

Hyenas Fight Lions Over a Kill [VIDEO]

Watch this battle between lions and hyenas. Place your bets!

Wolves Hunt Elk in Yellowstone [VIDEO]

Watch as a wolf pack pursues an elk in Yellowstone.