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Deer Fights Off Coyote [VIDEO]

Watch this one-on-one battle between a whitetail deer and a coyote.

Hey, PETA: These Animal Predators Are Absolutely Brutal [VIDEO]

Mother Nature has a dark side. Get a look at the brutal savagery that Earth's beasts inflict upon one another. Makes one appreciate the compassion that all good hunters show for their prey.

Where’s the Mountain Lion? Try to Find It Before It Reveals...

See if you can spot the big cat before it moves. We guarantee he would have seen you long before you saw him.

Cecil the Lion Immortalized in New Fundraising Painting

Forgotten in the Cecil the Lion saga were the people of Africa, which didn't sit well with renowned wildlife artist Ryan Kirby. So Kirby did what he normally does when something inspires him; he began to paint.

Leopard Finds Dead Zebra, Gets Blood Bath [VIDEO]

Watch as a dead zebra sprays a fountain of blood over a leopard ready to dive into a free lunch.

Mama Rabbit Kicks Snake’s Butt [VIDEO]

Normally, rabbits don't win predator-prey fights, but not this time. Not when it's a mama rabbit protecting her young 'uns.

Oregon Kitty Battles Belligerent Bobcat [VIDEO]

Bobcats are effective predators, so this young housecat is lucky to be alive. See the full story.

Shark vs. Shark: To Be Dinner or Not To Be Dinner...

Ever have food fight its way out of your mouth? No? Then be thankful you're not the shark in this wild video.

Bowhunter and Leopard Go Eyeball-to-Eyeball [VIDEO]

An African leopard is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Imagine if one looked into your blind just as you looked out. That's just what happens in this first-person video.

To Catch a Cougar: A Bowhunter’s Search for a Colorado Mountain...

Read this photo essay to follow along on a hunt for a most elusive prey.