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Mountain Lion Appears Out of Nowhere [VIDEO]

Many hunters and other outdoorsmen and women will go their entire lives without seeing a mountain lion. As this video shows, there's good reason for that.

Johnny Stewart GS2 Caller Wins Award

Now's a great time to call a coyote, and here's an award-winning call that you might consider.

Check Out This Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt

How about a mid-winter wolf hunt? We've got info about a Canadian outfitter offering what sounds like a great excursion.

Next Time, Toss Your Bloody Fur in the Washing Machine

If you want to get the blood out of your furs, give them a spin in the washing machine. Trust us, it works.

Hunter Tracks Mountain Lion Without Dogs

Hunting a mountain lion by yourself without the aid of dogs is not something many hunters accomplish. Find out how this hunter managed to do it.

Coon Hunters: A Dying Breed

Coon hunting is admittedly not as popular as it once was. But for those who've never experienced it, you're missing out on a thrilling hunt.

A Thermal Night Hunt Means a Bad Evening for Coyotes [VIDEO]

Imagine using thermal equipment at night and being able to go undetected as you drop one coyote after another... If this appeals to you, then have we got the video for you!

Understanding the International Fur Market

Learn what goes into selling fur to North American Fur Auctions and other international auction houses in this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Grade and Size Wild Fur [VIDEO]

With fur prices at lows we have not experienced in a long time, trappers and hunters need to do what they can to get the most out of their furbearers. It starts by being informed. Step one: Read this article.

Coyote Nailed in the Head by 9mm Tracer Bomb [VIDEO]

You'll be amazed by this unbelievable long distance tracer kill on a coyote. It's a great shot, but would you have taken it?