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Imagine using thermal equipment at night and being able to go undetected as you drop one coyote after another... If this appeals to you, then have we got the video for you!

Learn what goes into selling fur to North American Fur Auctions and other international auction houses in this step-by-step tutorial.

With fur prices at lows we have not experienced in a long time, trappers and hunters need to do what they can to get the most out of their furbearers. It starts by being informed. Step one: Read this article.

You'll be amazed by this unbelievable long distance tracer kill on a coyote. It's a great shot, but would you have taken it?

Coyote hunting is a real treat between deer and turkey season. Find out how one hunter took five songdogs in one day.

Say what? Mountain lions in Nebraska? But they don't have mountains! As crazy as it sounds, Nebraska has opened practically the entire state to mountain...

With the added feature of a faint rabbit sound, this critter decoy can help any predator hunter seal the deal.

Large predators have an incredible impact on the population of prey species, especially in the spring, when they kill defenseless fawns and calves. Wolf...

The Lone Star State is well known for many reasons: The Alamo, longhorn cattle, Longhorn football, football in general, cowboys, and much more. The...