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Fish and Game Officers Bust Would-be Poachers [VIDEO]

Watch how Fish & Game officials catch poachers.

This No Trespassing Sign Should Do the Trick [VIDEO]

Here's one sign that's guaranteed to stop trespassers in their tracks.

Public Asked to Protect Breeding Bucks from Poachers

New Mexico is asking the public's help to stop poaching during the all-important breeding season.

The 50 Largest Poaching Fines in History

Poaching does not pay. Want proof? Check out a list of the 50 largest poaching fines in history.

18 Deer Unlawfully Killed By Poachers

Poachers kill 18 deer. This is the type behavior that gives hunters a bad name. But we shouldn't even call these guys “hunters.” Because they aren’t hunters. They’re killers.

Hunting Trespasser Triggers Booby-Trap Paint Explosion [VIDEO]

Watch as a trespassing hunter gets painted by an explosive booby trap.

RoboDeer Catches Poachers

What’s part robot and part animal? Arizona’s new solution to capturing poachers in action. Hopefully this robotic deer will cause poachers to think twice.

How to Make Your Property Poacher-Proof

Here are 8 tips that will go a long way toward making your property poacher-proof.

Vicious Rhino Poaching Ring Busted in South Africa

South African officials bust a major poaching ring.

Killer of Cecil the Lion Returns to Work

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist whose killing of Cecil the lion fueled a global backlash, returns to his practice.