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Slug Ice Fishing Pike [VIDEO]

Lake of the Woods has a reputation for delivering big fish. This fantastic pike catch doesn't disappoint.

Huge Pike Busts Angler’s Rod [VIDEO]

Reeling in a 40-inch pike breaks this anglers Abu Garcia Vendetta rod in half. Watch what happens.

Flyfishing for Northern Pike [VIDEO]

Follow a pair of intrepid anglers in the far reaches of northern Quebec as they explore the oxbow lakes and islands of this natural haven in search of gigantic pike.

Spring Fishing Tactics

You’ve been cooped up all winter, and now you’re greeted with miserable early-spring fishing conditions. Don’t freak out. These expert game plans will help you rip monsters from the chilly, swollen murk.

What to Look for When Fishing for Shallow-Water Pike

Discover the one important condition you must look for when you're fishing for trophy Northern Pike.

Pike Fishing in Ireland

Find out how to catch a trophy pike on the Emerald Isle.

Know Your Fish: Common Fish Species

Know what you've landed! Check out this visual guide to 25 common species of fish.

The 4 Deadliest Live Bait Rigs

Explore a roundup of the four best live bait rigs for pike, bass, trout, and walleyes.

A Nebraska State Record is Caught and Released

This record Nebraska pike has a staggering length.

Salmon, Trout, Muskie, Pike, or Pickerel: A Visual Guide

Simple ways to identify your catch.