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1500-lb. Alaskan Brown Bear is King of the River [VIDEO]

On the Alaska Peninsula is a 1,500-lb. brown bear named Luther. This is his river, and he'll make sure you know it.

Where Do You Draw the Line on Hunting Photos?

Hero shots should show respect for the animal. Do gruesome images damage the hunter's cause?

Hunting Photos: From Tasteful to Tacky

In today's world, we have to be careful what we share so as not to offend people. This includes hunting photos. Do you censor your post-hunt pictures?

Mathews Offers Great Collection of Hunting Images

This is a great collection of incredible photography that outdoors enthusiasts will love.

How to CPR a Giant Halibut

A Swedish angler jumps into the cold water for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op with giant halibut. Check out the pictures and read the full story.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: “Shoot” the Trophies of a Lifetime

No trip to Alaska is complete without a visit to this animal-viewing venue, a perfect opportunity for close-up pictures.

Vero Vellini Camera Straps: Great for SLRs

This tested-and-approved rifle sling offers hunters the opportunity to chronicle their activities by toting around a high-end camera without fear of dropping or damage.

The Two Ways to Shoot Spring Gobblers

The ubiquity of cell-phone cameras guarantees that you'll nearly always be able to shoot a few birds on your next turkey hunt. Just not with your gun.

10 Tips for Taking the Perfect Turkey “Hero Shot”

Find out how to get terrific photos on your next turkey hunt.

12 Tips for Better Fishing Photos

Don't miss these 12 tips for taking better fish photos.