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When the snow is fallin', the pheasants come a-callin'. That's because wind and snow will concentrate pheasants in heavy cover, where they're more likely to flush within shotgun range. Read more about this great opportunity.

Iowa shows a marked increase in upland game bird populations, and hunters are in for a great season. Read the full report.

Good news for waterfowl and upland hunters: Make plans for a great fall hunt.

Dogs add a special element to any hunt; it's like sporting with your best friend. Watch as a father, son, and canine companion hunt pheasants in an incredibly beautiful Colorado landscape.

Few creatures are as wild as a South Dakota pheasant. If the John Deere folks were headquartered in the Rushmore State, they'd have a...

Pheasants Forever has compiled a list of 25 towns in which you're most likely to have a good day if you're aiming for multiple...