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When the snow is fallin', the pheasants come a-callin'. That's because wind and snow will concentrate pheasants in heavy cover, where they're more likely to flush within shotgun range. Read more about this great opportunity.

Iowa shows a marked increase in upland game bird populations, and hunters are in for a great season. Read the full report.

Good news for waterfowl and upland hunters: Make plans for a great fall hunt.

Dogs add a special element to any hunt; it's like sporting with your best friend. Watch as a father, son, and canine companion hunt pheasants in an incredibly beautiful Colorado landscape.

Few creatures are as wild as a South Dakota pheasant. If the John Deere folks were headquartered in the Rushmore State, they'd have a...

Check out this list of 25 towns in which you're most likely to have a good day if you're aiming for multiple quail species, prairie grous, pheasants, and forest birds.