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Hunting Big Rattlesnakes in Pennsylvania [VIDEO]

Who knew that Pennsylvania rattlers grew to such size?

Nun Kills 10-Point Buck, Posts Photo. Guess What Happens? [VIDEO]

This nun snagged herself a nice 10-point buck on opening day, then shared the picture online. That's when things all went to hell.

Record Bruin in Pennsylvania Could Be World’s Largest

A Pennsylvania hunter harvests a massive bruin that could be the largest in the world.

Cancerous Smallmouth Bass Concerns PA Anglers

Recent news of a shocking maritime discovery -- a smallmouth bass with a cancerous tumor -- has shocked Pennsylvania anglers. Find out what they're doing about it.

DNR Receives Grant to Jumpstart Elk In West Virginia

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has stepped up to the plate with a hefty donation to expand elk habitat in West Virginia. Here's the encouraging report.

Ice Fishing Awesomeness

An 18-hour marathon fishing session results in a major catch for two lucky anglers. Find out what they caught.

Woman Shot in the Back During Failed Deer Poaching

One poacher shot another in this Pennsylvania night-time event. We can already imagine your thoughts on this story...

Pennsylvania Boy Gets Dream Hunt with South Carolina Sheriff

Sometimes a mix-up turns into an awesome adventure. That's the case with one young aspiring hunter. Read the full heartwarming story.

A Primitive Deer Hunt That’s Pure Fun

Hunting with a flintlock rifle is pure excitement. If you're anywhere near Pennsylvania, this is the season for you.

This Year’s Fall Turkey Forecast [VIDEO]

Fall turkey hunting plays second fiddle to the number of spring turkey advocates, yet more and more hunters are hearing the music of the lost turkey call. Find out why in this season-preview video.