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A curious bruin gets his head stuck in a bucket, and the thoughtful citizens of the Keystone State come to his rescue. See how it all went down.

If you're fortunate to bag an extra deer this year, why not donate it to the hungry? Read about one organization that allows hunters to make a difference.

Pennsylvanians are upset about blue laws that prohibit Sunday hunting and they're doing something about it. Get the full details.

Learning about Lyme Disease becomes part of a hunter's responsibility in Pennsylvania. Should other states follow suit?

Seeing a majestic Pennsylvania bull elk is an exciting event. A new program aims to bring the elk experience to schools and civic groups. Find out how you can sign up.

If you're a bear hunter and live within driving distance of Pennsylvania, you need to plan to hunt there next fall. Many hunters spend...

Pennsylvania is one of the nation's leading states for black bears, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission depends on hunters to keep the state's bear...

One of the best ways to start hunting or fishing is to find a mentor to serve as a guide. The Pennsylvania Fish &...

In the 1990s, Pennsylvania was a powerhouse of deer hunting, with thriving populations and a million licensed hunters. Deer hunting was such a historical...

Spotlighting deer is illegal when hunting, but the practice is legal — and beloved by many hunters — in Pennsylvania. Recreational spotlighting, known as...