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Three Keys to Rut Success

Leaves rustled in a consistent cadence, a hint that a buck was headed my way. Weeks of unseasonably warm weather had the freshly fallen...

Early Birds Don’t Always Catch the Turkeys

Jeff Harrison was not out before dawn setting up decoys. He brazenly walked through fields as he hunted turkeys. How, then, did he manage to do so well?

Multiple Backup Plans Ensure Turkey-Hunting Success

When turkey hunting, an arsenal of strategies and tactics is just as important as the bullets in your gun.

5 Tips for All-Day Sits

Patience and persistence are key elements for successful deer hunting. You can have the greatest stand in the land, but if you're not there...

Take a Stand for Elk

Many hunters employ spot-and-stalk tactics for elk, but on public land you may reap more rewards by staying still, silent, and secluded. I recently...