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The Best Way to Sharpen Knives, from the Experts

A sharp knife is mandatory for any outdoorsman. Learn the best way to sharpen your knife.

Bass Pro Shops Considering Buying Cabela’s [VIDEO]

Bass Pro Shops is considering purchasing Cabela's. This would put Bass Pro at the top of the outdoor market. What do you think; would this be good for outdoors enthusiasts?

The Deadliest Hike in the World: Not For Wimps [VIDEO]

Strap yourself in for a first-person look at the sickest, most dangerous hike in the world.

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do While Camping

Check out this hilarious compilation of 10 things not to do on a camping trip. Admit it... you've done a few of these yourself, haven't you?

Conquer Land and Sea with the Sealander [VIDEO]

Want to combine a camping and fishing excursion without giving up ease of use? Check out this combination trailer and boat.

How to Handle Trespassers

Like it or not, landowners are always going to have to deal with trespassers. But what's the best way to handle them? Here's a handy guide to dealing with unwanted visitors.

25 Killer Camping Hacks Anyone Can Pull Off [VIDEO]

These 25 tips will make camping easier and more fun.

Convert Your Van Into a Camper [VIDEO]

Think outside the box and convert your old van into a camper. This video shows you how to make that dream a reality.

Love Thrills? How About Sleeping While Suspended Over the Side of...

Imagine sleeping on the side of a cliff. Literally, while hanging on the side of the cliff. These maniacs are about to make your nightmare a reality.

It’s a Hot Tub! It’s a Hammock! It’s Pure Bliss! [VIDEO]

Check out this innovative hot tub, combining the luxury of a warm soak with the pure relaxation of a comforting hammock. This is truly the best of both worlds.