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These epic hammocks will remind you to get your feet off the ground and think about where you would love to spend some downtime.

A python bursts after making a meal out of a gator, leaving everyone baffled as to what exactly happened.

High on the list of things you never want to see while out in the field is a rattlesnake den like this one.

Just when this man thinks that he has killed a snake, and it no longer poses a threat, the beheaded copperhead latches on to its own tail. You won't believe your eyes!

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible and weird methods people use to start a fire, like with a guitar pick. This is one of those unique ideas you might not think of using to help get a fire going. Its simplicity will blow your mind.

Venomous snake season is upon us. Watch this video to learn if the snake you’ve seen is dangerous or not. It could save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Whether you hunt, fish, or camp, you'll want to take a look at these pictures and let them motivate you to get out there and enjoy this great world that's available to us.

Immature black bears often wonder great distances, looking to establish their own territory. Sometimes they decide that the perfect spot for them... is in your own back yard. Find out how one couple dealt with a pesky new ursine neighbor.

By Mateja Lane Would you be able to perform surgery on yourself in a dangerous situation? Although this video is in Russian, you can follow along...

When using a big chainsaw you must be prepared for everything. This almost lethal chainsaw accident was caught on a television reporter’s camera.