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Including a veteran in your hunting and fishing plans will help them reintegrate to their former lives. Read more about how our nation's heroes are re-energized by our favorite pastime.

For hunters, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Once you figure out the gear you like and the places to...

In a survival situation, everyday items can become life-saving assets. Here's an item you'll want plenty of in a survival situation: coffee.

Different situations in life mean you'll be extra-thankful for certain items. In a rainstorm, an umbrella or poncho is indispensable for keeping you dry....

You've seen them: Photos of hunters with their bird dogs proudly standing with the birds they've flushed and retrieved for their master. Though a...

This is a time of anticipation and preparation, and nobody knows this more than Andrew McKean (shown below), editor of Outdoor Life. I had...