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Is This Deer a Meat-Eater?

Is it possible that deer will eat meat when given the opportunity? Have you ever seen this behavior?

Deer Do the Craziest Things

Whitetail deer do some weird things. Don't believe it? Check out this collection of 25 photos of deer at their wackiest.

The Battle for Public Land Continues

The bill allows for up to two million acres of National Forest lands to be handed over to state control for the primary purpose of a timber sale.

How to Kill a Deer in One Clean Shot

Learn where to shoot a deer for a quick, ethical one-shot kill.

How to Make a Wooden Bowl to Survive

Learning how to make a wooden bowl could save your life.

The 15 Best Survival Traps

There are seemingly as many different traps as there are creatures to catch. Here are the 15 best snare and deadfall traps for you to master.

20 Knots You Need to Know

One of these 20 knots might save your life. How many do you know?

Dumb Ways to Die: Animal Edition

Freak accidents happen all the time, but in the wilderness the consequences are almost always deadly. Check out these cool photos of animals who were in compromising positions and paid the price with their lives.

These Venison Meatballs Are a Cinch to Make

With the guidance of this simple recipe, you'll have meatballs ready to serve when you want them.

The Worst Mounts Ever

The images of these, the worst animal mounts in the world, will be forever burned into your memory. We apologize in advance.