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Extreme Hog Hunting with Only a Knife [VIDEO]

Hunting wild hogs with your only weapon a knife takes guts, as you'll see in this no-holds-barred video.

Beginner’s Luck Leads to Monster Rainbow Trout Catch

After a 15-minute battle, an Oklahoma angler reels in the state's largest rainbow trout. Read all about the exciting catch.

Elk Season Approved for Oklahoma

Find out how to claim your spot as Oklahoma announces that elk hunting will be available state wide for residents and non-residents alike.

Hunters in the Know Let Young Bucks Grow

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has taken specific steps to improve the age structure of deer in the state with a public awareness...

The Paradise for Bass Anglers Heats Up in 2014

A few months ago, an angler pulled a record catch from the Grand Lake o' the Cherokees, just a week after the 2013 Bassmaster...

Oklahoma Lakes Stocked with 2.2 Million Fish

A record-setting stocking of 2.2 million largemouth bass into 44 Oklahoma lakes will increase the potential for trophy bass production for many years, according...