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What measures would you go to in order to find a wounded deer? One Ohio hunter went to extremes, by renting a helicopter to find his monster Ohio buck. Read the full crazy story.

As if EHD isn't enough of a problem for whitetail deer, now feral cats are spreading disease. Learn about this ever-growing problem.

An Ohio deer farm owner who violated quarantine orders from the Ohio Division of Agriculture will have 300 of his deer euthanized by the state.

This rare piebald buck killed in Ohio is one of the most remarkable harvests we’ve seen this season.

Whitetail deer are a nuisance in many small towns and suburbs, but one Ohio town has come up with a unique solution: paintball guns. Find out what kind of reception this controversial idea has received.

See video of the river monster that showed up in one northeastern Ohio neighborhood.

Watch as a deer-management pro thins out some does with his Stryker crossbow.