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Hunter Nick Davis tried to trick official scorers into believing he had shot a new state record. Now he's the laughing stock of the hunting community. Read about his quick fall from grace.

North Carolina is the latest state to adopt Sunday hunting. Here are the full details.

Can a single hunter change state law with a Facebook page? This man is trying.

This topwater-based rigging system will have you hauling in giant bluefin tuna like never before. Find out how it works.

A climate change-prompted migration has created a major battle between North Carolina-based commercial fishermen and New York-based sports anglers. Find out what's at stake.

A rarely-seen lancetfish makes an appearance on a North Carolina beach.

A local legend is taken down by a determined hunter. See the amazing photos.

Learning how to fish involves a lot of things  There are the mechanical sorts of things, such as learning how to tie knots, how...

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission tells bass anglers the best way to catch and release fish.

Private-land hunters are one step closer to pursuing their passion on Sundays thanks to a newly adopted resolution supporting Senate Bill 224, which would...