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North Carolina is the latest state to adopt Sunday hunting. Here are the full details.

Can a single hunter change state law with a Facebook page? This man is trying.

This topwater-based rigging system will have you hauling in giant bluefin tuna like never before. Find out how it works.

A climate change-prompted migration has created a major battle between North Carolina-based commercial fishermen and New York-based sports anglers. Find out what's at stake.

A rarely-seen lancetfish makes an appearance on a North Carolina beach.

A local legend is taken down by a determined hunter. See the amazing photos.

Learning how to fish involves a lot of things  There are the mechanical sorts of things, such as learning how to tie knots, how...

Catch-and-release is a common technique in tournaments and for anglers who catch fish and want to give them an opportunity to swim another day...

Private-land hunters are one step closer to pursuing their passion on Sundays thanks to a newly adopted resolution supporting Senate Bill 224, which would...