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You Can’t Manage Deer Like Cattle

Managing cattle is very different than managing whitetail deer. Here are some key insights for effective deer management.

Ohio Hunter Harvests All-Time Number-Two Buck [VIDEO]

An Ohio hunter takes down the number two whitetail of all time. See the video.

10 Ways to Stay Scent Free

One of the quickest ways to ruin a hunt before it even starts is for your prey to smell you. It can happen before...

15 Gifts for the Hunter in Your Life

'Tis the season! For hunters, it's hunting season. For everyone, it's the holiday season. And for those shoppers who have a person who loves...

Gear Review: Top 10 Deer Cartridges

Finding the best ammunition for hunting can take hours of trial and error, which not only takes time away from hunting or spending time...

North American Whitetail Names Best Hunting States for 2013

If you've ever shopped for real estate, you've heard that location is the most important factor in choosing where you'll make your home. The...