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If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a mountain lion attacks large prey, you’re about to find out.

The poaching of a trophy-class mule deer buck creates a storm of outrage and inspires $2,800 in rewards offered for information.

A truly trophy mule deer is one of today's most difficult challenges.

Migrations of large animals may seem a thing of the past, yet National Geographic discovered one here in the USA. Thousands of mule deer take a route that was only recently discovered by humans.

Nevada hunting gets little attention in the national outdoor press yet offers excellent opportunities for antelope and mule deer.

These Western-themed animal targets are great fun and create effective practice for the field. They're so inexpensive, you can practically hunt elk for the price of a hamburger!

Hunting deer in the Dakotas is always an adventure. They even have hybrids, such as the mule deer/whitetail in this compelling video. See if these hunters can take it down.

When mule deer and whitetail habitats overlap, the more dominant whitetail deer often takes over. Wyoming officials are looking at increasing whitetail tags in order to protect mule deer.

A 25-year-old Washington poacher was sentenced with a heavy penalty for killing and beheading several trophy mule deer bucks.

Mule deer conservation is critical to the survival of the species. In this video, experts and wildlife-agency reps across the West speak to the need for action.