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A cougar sneaks a drink in the dark in front of two elk.

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a mountain lion attacks large prey, you’re about to find out.

Trail cameras were set up in the Sunol hills in California and captured images of nine cougars.

This hunt for American bison and mountain lion along the Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most unique we've heard of.

After a tough mountain lion hunt, a great shot brought it to an end.

A mountain lion approaches a 12-year-old girl in the woods, coming as close as five yards. It crouches. What the girl did next is a helluva story. Check it out.

It’s unfortunate when a hunter faces online harassment, like this Colorado woman did a year after her trophy photo was posted on Facebook.

Read this photo essay to follow along on a hunt for a most elusive prey.

A cougar in Washington State becomes so hungry it begins harassing livestock and actually stalks a young boy until his sharp-shooting sister comes to his rescue.

Say what? Mountain lions in Nebraska? But they don't have mountains! As crazy as it sounds, Nebraska has opened practically the entire state to mountain...