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Mountain Lion in Heat [VIDEO]

Don't get caught unaware: Listen to and learn the sound of a mountain lion in heat.

Mom Fights Off Mountain Lion Attacking Her 5-Year-Old Son

A Colorado mother was willing to do literally anything to potentially save her son's life -- including fight a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion and Bighorn Sheep Fall to Their Deaths

This photo gallery shows the outcome of a mountain lion and bighorn sheep falling to their death.

Mountain Lion Appears Out of Nowhere [VIDEO]

Many hunters and other outdoorsmen and women will go their entire lives without seeing a mountain lion. As this video shows, there's good reason for that.

Screaming Mountain Lion Caught on Chilling Video

Here's an animal sound that you've probably never heard before: a screaming mountain lion. They don't sound like you'd expect.

Extraordinary Deformity Found on Mountain Lion

Fish and game officials in Idaho were stumped after looking at images of a mountain lion that was harvested in Weston, Idaho. The youngling appears to have fangs growing out of its forehead. Find out what probably caused this bizarre affliction.

Hunter Tracks Mountain Lion Without Dogs

Hunting a mountain lion by yourself without the aid of dogs is not something many hunters accomplish. Find out how this hunter managed to do it.

Could the Cougar Again Haunt East Coast Woodlands?

More predatory cats may be coming to a forest near you, as mountain lions expand their territory in a secretive way.

Where’s the Mountain Lion? Try to Find It Before It Reveals...

See if you can spot the big cat before it moves. We guarantee he would have seen you long before you saw him.

Cougar Drinks at Elk’s Club

A cougar sneaks a drink in the dark in front of two elk.