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The Most Unbelievable Archery Shot on a Moose [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when this bull moose is delivered a broadhead to his vitals.

The 40 Biggest Moose Ever Killed

These are the 40 biggest moose ever harvested.

Two Huge Moose Are Adversaries in Life, Partners in Death

A shed hunter finds two massive bull moose locked together in a fatal battle.

See What Happens When a Dog Irritates a Bull Moose [VIDEO]

An annoying little dog is no match for this angry moose. Watch how their interaction plays out.

Moose Charges Bowhunter [VIDEO]

Watch as a bowhunter takes a shot at this giant bull and narrowly escapes a painful trampling.

Twin Moose Calves Cool Off [VIDEO]

Watch as twin moose calves as they play in water sprinklers outside a home in Anchorage, Alaska.

Hunter Comes Eye to Eye with Big Bull Moose [VIDEO]

Sometimes an animal can get a little too close for comfort. How do you think you'd react if a bull moose this big was only feet away from you?

Cow Moose Attacks Pickup Truck [VIDEO]

Is an extended-cab pickup any match for this cow moose protecting her young? Watch this video to find out.

Yahoo Jumps on Moose and Rides Across Canadian Lake [VIDEO]

Riding a moose is no laughing matter. Watch this Canadian buffoon show a complete lack of respect for wildlife. What do you think should be done with this man if he's identified?

Montana Man Saves Baby Moose, Lives to Regret It

Not all baby animal stories have happy endings.