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Epic 5-Yard Shot on an Alaskan Moose Hunt [VIDEO]

This video puts you squarely in the middle of a rutting moose hunt.

Antlerless Moose Shot on Wisconsin Indian Reservation

The shooting of a moose in northern Wisconsin has set off a heated debate.

Alaskan Moose Likes the Sound of Music [VIDEO]

Wind chimes can make a wonderful sound, especially when played by a moose!

Black Bear Takes Down Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear takes down a moose calf.

Moose Hunter Mauled by Grizzly

A moose hunter gets mauled by a grizzly in Alaska. Find out how the hunter's training as a first-responder saved him from certain death in the Alaskan wilderness.

Man Shoots Moose from Snowmobile [VIDEO]

Was it necessary for this moose to be shot, or could the man have found another way around the animal?

Moose Attack Caught on GoPro [VIDEO]

Check out this moose attack. Every scary moment is captured by a GoPro camera.

Moose Bulldozes Past Unexpected Hikers [VIDEO]

A bull moose finally had enough of being trapped, and was going to get out of the area, no matter who was in his way.

Moose Shot at Very Close Range [VIDEO]

Check out this close-range moose kill shot.

Trophy Bull Moose Tempts Fate with Grizzly Bears [VIDEO]

Watch as the paths of a giant bull moose and brown bears intersect and nature takes its course.