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Is an extended-cab pickup any match for this cow moose protecting her young? Watch this video to find out.

Riding a moose is no laughing matter. Watch this Canadian buffoon show a complete lack of respect for wildlife. What do you think should be done with this man if he's identified?

Not all baby animal stories have happy endings.

A bowhunter comes face to face with a big Yukon bull moose in this clip.

Many mature bull moose have big antlers, but some have antlers that are SCARY BIG. Here are 14 photos of some HUGE moose antlers. These are the kind of racks that make you utter a breathy “WHOA.”

New England moose hunts are very affordable and highly successful. Now's the time to get in your applications.

This moose shows the skiers it doesn’t take much to move full speed through several feet of snow, even without skis.

A giant moose attacks a pickup truck to protect her young. Check out this wild video.

Two elk hunters get a healthy dose of adrenaline when a bull moose decides to get up close and personal. Watch the gripping video.

Things get a little crazy in Alaska during the moose rutting season, even in the suburbs.