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Don't let online haters and trolls ruin your love of fishing. Here's how to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of social media as a fishing enthusiast.

You would think that with as many years that I have hunting under my belt, that I would know enough to not tempt fate...

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what gear you're using, or how you're using it. If you're in the wrong place, you're just not gonna get a bite. Here's why.

Montana elk hunters rescue an an elk from icy lake waters in this fascinating clip.

Discover the story behind the radical idea that proved wildly successful for Montana trout.

A Montana park ranger is attacked by a grizzly bear being released into the wild.

The number of places to hunt in the United States is endless. From coast to coast, our country provides a variety of hunting destinations...

Stumbling onto a sow bear with cubs is every hunter's nightmare and doubly so when the bruin is a grizzly.  Here's one man's harrowing...

You just can't keep a good Montana boy down.  Despite a disabling disease, this young teen shows that heart and determination can overcome almost...