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50 Turkeys Roosting in One Tree [VIDEO]

Putting turkeys to bed has a completely different meaning when you have 50 turkeys.

Gator Records Fall in Mississippi

Some record size gators were recently taken in Ole Miss. Find out how just how big they were.

Big Blue Marlin Tops 2014 Mississippi Classic

After three hours, the winner of this year's Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic hauled in a marlin measuring 127.5 inches long and tipped the scales at 843.7 lbs. Read about this impressive haul and other great catches.

Potential New Mississippi State Record Set

A record-breaking amberjack, weighing more than an average-sized supermodel, has been caught in the Gulf off the coast of Biloxi. Get the full story.

Southern Gators Break Records

Mississippi may be known mostly as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, and for the infamous Mississippi River, but now "home of record-breaking alligators" can...

Mississippi Hunters: Head North for Excellent Public Hunts

Mississippi has plenty of public land available for hunting, and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks predicts that great hunting opportunities will...