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Two Huge Moose Are Adversaries in Life, Partners in Death

A shed hunter finds two massive bull moose locked together in a fatal battle.

Slug Ice Fishing Pike [VIDEO]

Lake of the Woods has a reputation for delivering big fish. This fantastic pike catch doesn't disappoint.

Hunter Burned by Space Heater

You've probably never thought about being severely burned by a space heater while hunting. Learn from this poor hunter's mistake.

Deer-Baiting: Ethical or Not? [VIDEO]

The debate continues on the baiting of deer, as different states fall on both sides of the argument. Where do you stand?

Boater Charged in Deer’s Death

A pontoon boat driver allegedly pursues and pesters a buck swimming across a Minnesota lake until the animal drowns from exhaustion. The boater claims he was trying to help the animal; witnesses say otherwise. Read about this very unusual case.

Minnesota Dentist Kills Beloved African Lion, Sparks International Outrage [VIDEO]

An American hunter has killed Cecil the lion, one of Africa's most beloved icons and a long-time boom for tourism for the nation of Zimbabwe. The international furor that has ensued include death threats to the hunter, Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Was this a simple mistake or a calculated kill? Read our article and weigh in with your thoughts.

Minnesota Wolf Management Stymied by Feds

Is the Endangered Species Act being used as a weapon by animal rights extremists? Find out how wolf management is being disrupted.

Trout Flys for Spring in the Driftless Area

Here are the top 10 flies for early-season Driftless Area spring-creek fishing.

Deer Rescued by Hovercraft [VIDEO]

Watch a father-son rescue mission unlike anything you've ever seen.

Operation Squarehook Busts Poachers

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recently conducted an undercover operation that has implicated 31 people. It may be the biggest poaching bust in 20 years. Read the full story.