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Study Minimizes Wolves’ Threat to Deer

Researchers are learning that predators, winter weather, and habitat influence the deer population more than wolves. Read the full report.

Michigan’s First Wolverine in 200 Years

After two centuries, the wolverine has re-emerged in Michigan.

Massive Bear Killed by a Deere

A giant black bear hit by a combine while hibernating.

Man Pedals His Way to the Deer Processor [VIDEO]

This guy must have been pretty desperate to get his deer to the processor in time. Check out the video.

Hunting Contest Winners Bring Home Elk and Turkey [VIDEO]

The Pure Michigan ad campaign sponsors three "hunt-of-a-lifetime" opportunities every year. See how the latest winners did and find out how you can enter for the next drawing.

Will Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan Soon Be Outlawed?

A decline in Michigan's Upper Peninsula deer population is cause for concern. Find out why it may lead to an all-out ban on deer hunting in a large region of the state in this Realtree report.

Pure Michigan Hunt Applications Now Available

A Michigan lottery offers lucky sporting men and women outstanding hunting opportunities.

Lake Huron Fishing Rebounds

After a collapse in the 90s, the Lake Huron fishery is bouncing back, but it has changed. Find out whether it's for better or for worse.

Michigan Catfish Record Falls

Dale Blakley’s second ice-fishing trip was one for the record books. Read about his history-making catch.

Michigan Catfish Record Falls

Every angler dreams of catching that fish of a lifetime. Sometimes it's a Captain Ahab kind of quest, mano-a-mano (or fin), fueled by close...