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Nearly a hundred hunters decked out in camouflage and wearing blaze orange caps try to stir up support for Sunday hunting.

A Baltimore-area fisherman must pay $40,000 in fines and restitution for what the sentencing judge called an "egregious" offense. Find out what he did in this strange case.

With excellent water clarity and offshore wrecks, this location is home to some really big fish like tautog. Find out where to look for record hauls.

Tenkara fishing is an ancient Japanese form of fly fishing that doesn't utilize a reel. It uses a long rod (typically telescoping) and just the line and fly to catch fish. Find out why its popularity is booming in the U.S.

A top captain divulges his secrets for stalking white marlin.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources wants to introduce a predator to the river—Maryland anglers! Find out why.

The Northern Snakehead fish is threatening the native species of the Potomac River. A new tournament aims to remove the species from the area. Read about how the first year's installment played out.

On the East Coast, striped bass, known as "rockfish" in some areas, is a fishery in danger. Find out why this should affect your fishing habits.

Maryland is on the verge of adopting Sunday Hunting in its western counties. Not known as a hunting powerhouse, deer and turkey populations are strong and limits are liberal. Learn how you can get in on the hunt.

Elk once roamed the forests throughout the Appalachians. Today they hold steady numbers in Pennsylvania, where they have thrived sufficiently enough to allow minimal...