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If you haven't been introduced to Little Peters and his Downeast Maine philosophy of life, you're in for a treat. Here we learn about chopping wood.

Most hunters would consider a 200-pound buck a big score in the Jackman, Maine area. When the scale came up with 274 pounds, Alfred Bowden Jr. thought his scale was broken and went and got another. Read about his incredible trophy.

Maine recreational anglers just took a major hit: One of their key recreational fisheries will be closed for at least the next six months. Find out why in this intriguing story.

Maine hands out thousands of moose-hunting permits in its annual festive lottery drawing.

Maine hunters will feel the pinch this year, the result of a winter that caused Maine's female moose population to decrease by 30%.

Discover Maine's management techniques and their effects.

With more than 30 years of intensive black-bear research taking place in the state, Maine's black-bear management has earned the respect of conservationists nationwide. Here's why.

Behind the scenes of moose management in Maine.

Seeing two members of the deer family square off in an all-out fight is a sight to behold. Occasionally, deer hunters witness two bucks briefly...

Animal rights groups have altered traditional spring and fall hunting seasons in numerous states. Indian reservations, however, offer great hunts in natural environments with...